SQL script to Cancel Pending Request from a particular user in Oracle Apps


UPDATE fnd_concurrent_requests
SET phase_code = 'C', status_code = 'X'
WHERE request_id in (select cwr.request_id FROM apps.fnd_concurrent_worker_requests cwr, apps.fnd_concurrent_queues_tl cq, apps.fnd_user fu
WHERE (cwr.phase_code = 'P')   AND cwr.hold_flag != 'Y'   
--AND cwr.requested_start_date <= SYSDATE
AND cwr.concurrent_queue_id = cq.concurrent_queue_id   AND cwr.queue_application_id = cq.application_id  and cq.LANGUAGE='US'
AND cwr.requested_by = fu.user_id and fu.user_name='&username'
and cwr.user_concurrent_program_name='&user_concurrent_program_name')

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