Alert Is Not Working After Uploading By FNDLOAD in Oracle Apps


1) The requirement is to create an event alert which will call a pl/sql procedure and that pl/sql procedure will call an workflow.
2) The Objects are working fine in the Instance.  Whenever a Row is inserted in RCV_TRANSACTIONS for Transaction_type = 'RETURN TO VENDOR' the alert is firing.
3) An Install pack was created and Installing all the objects.
Using for the DOWNLOAD:
FNDLOAD apps/password=<PASSWORD> 0 Y DOWNLOAD $ALR_TOP/patch/115/import/alr.lct name=<NAME>.ldt ALR_ALERTS APPLICATION_SHORT_NAME='PO' ALERT_NAME='name=<NAME>'
for Upload we are using :
FNDLOAD apps/password=<PASSWORD> 0 Y UPLOAD $ALR_TOP/patch/115/import/alr.lct name=<NAME>.ldt
4) As we have only one instance so for Installing the Alert we are manulally deleting it from the front end.
5) Now we have installed all the objects and created a Receipt Return which is inserting a row in the RCV_TRANSACTIONS table but the alert is not firing.
6) Checked the alert in alert manager and it is available. Now after doing some modification and reverting it (Suppose Clicking in UPDATE checkbox and Uncheck it ) Saving the alert.
7) Now if we try once again to create a Receipt Return then the alert is firing and the workflow notification is working.

So, it seems if we manually explicitly save the alert in Alert manager then only the alert is working.

Using also FNDLOAD UPLOAD we got the same issue:
FNDLOAD apps/password=<PASSWORD> 0 Y UPLOAD $ALR_TOP/patch/115/import/alr.lct $dir=<DIR>_TOP/admin/import/name=<NAME>.ldt UPLOAD_MODE='REPLACE'

Creating the setup of an Alert manually or with FNDLOAD will not create the alert triggers  but the trigger is getting created only after the Alert is manually saved in the Alert Manager Form.

Creating the setup of an Alert manually or with FNDLOAD will not create the alert triggers. It is only when you set the Enable flag to Y that the Alert will be created.
After creating an Alert using FNDLOAD, the user must enable it by setting the field Enable to Y and the triggers will be created , or unset the flag , commit and set the flag to Y if the flag was set to Y in the ldt file of FNDLOAD.

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