Data dictionary corruption error in Oracle Apps Adop

While running adop phase prepare getting below  error


Verifying data dictionary.
    [UNEXPECTED]Data dictionary corrupted:
    [UNEXPECTED]Data dictionary corruption - missing parent
    334686 ORA$BASE        APPS            XX_CUST_QUERY         SYNONYM
    334688 ORA$BASE        APPS            XX_CUST_OTHERS           SYNONYM
    [UNEXPECTED]Data dictionary corruption detected. Provide details to
    [UNEXPECTED]Oracle Support and ask for a bug to be opened against the
    [UNEXPECTED]Online Patching component of Oracle Application Install.


To fix the data dictionary corruption (missing-parent), execute the following steps:

1) Run the $AD_TOP/sql/ADZDDBCC.sql script as apps user to confirm whether logical data dictionary corruption exists. Check for corruption in the spool log.

2) Run the script $AD_TOP/patch/115/sql/adzddmpfix.sql as sys user to fix the corruption. In the following sample, 12 corruption objects are fixed.

SQL> @adzddmpfix.sql


3) Invalidate the objects
exec dbms_utility.invalidate(334686,NULL,0);
exec dbms_utility.invalidate(334688,NULL,0);


4) Run utlrp.sql

5) Run the $AD_TOP/sql/ADZDDBCC.sql script again as apps user to determine if the logical data dictionary corruption is still present. 

6) After the issue is resolved, retry the adop prepare step.

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