SYSADMIN login taking long time to log in Oracle Apps

Sysadmin user is taking long time to login when doing in Oracle apps. It is due to lot of open notifications waiting to be closed.

We cannot close those open workflow notifications using front end if the open notification are huge.

The Worklist in the Homepage gets too large to be loaded. The Homepage cannot handle the large data generation so it will hang or take a long time for the SYSADMIN user.

UPDATE wf_notifications set status=’CLOSED’ , mail_status=’SENT’, end_date=sysdate where recipeint_role=’SYSADMIN’;


If there is a large number of notifications for SYSADMIN user, purge them using the note "How to Purge WFERROR (System: Error) Workflow Items?" (Doc ID 804622.1)

To prevent this issue it's needed to set up a schedule to purge regularly the obsolete notifications.

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