Oracle EBS R12.2 Cloning Concepts

Oracle EBS R12.2 cloning is a process of taking an existing Oracle E-Business Suite instance and creating a duplicate or clone of it. This process is generally used by Oracle customers for dev/test, disaster recovery or just simply making a backup of the existing environment. Cloning can also be used to deploy a new instance in another environment. Cloning should be done while the source (base) instance is still open to ensure that all data is captured in the clone. Cloning involves various steps such as backup, clone modular environment, patch, reconfiguration etc. which all are critical for the successful completion of the clone. The main purpose of cloning is to get an exact replica of the existing instance up and running in the shortest amount of time. This is especially important for dev/test, disaster recovery or backup scenarios where a seamless transition of the environment is required. Once the clone is completed and ready to use, Oracle EBS R12.2 post-cloning activities such as setting up or modifying users and privileges, customizations, testing, data and application migration and others should be performed.

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