Why Oracle Enterprise Linux is Better than other Linux in Market

Oracle Enterprise Linux is a popular Linux distribution that is widely used in enterprise environments for its stability, reliability, and performance. There are several reasons why Oracle Enterprise Linux is considered better than other Linux distributions in the market.

  1. Stability and reliability: Oracle Enterprise Linux is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, which is widely recognized for its stability and reliability. Oracle has built upon this foundation by adding its own tools and features to create a highly stable and reliable Linux distribution.
  2. Support: Oracle Enterprise Linux comes with full support from Oracle, which includes access to their extensive knowledge base, as well as round-the-clock technical support. This ensures that you have access to the expertise you need to keep your systems running smoothly.
  3. Compatibility: Oracle Enterprise Linux is fully compatible with the Oracle software stack, including the Oracle Database, Oracle Applications, and Oracle Fusion Middleware. This ensures that you can easily deploy and manage these applications on your Oracle Enterprise Linux servers.
  4. Performance: Oracle Enterprise Linux is optimized for performance, with features such as Kernel Samepage Merging (KSM) and Ksplice that enable you to maximize the performance of your systems.
  5. Security: Oracle Enterprise Linux includes a number of security features such as the Oracle Linux Security Module (OLSM) and the Oracle Linux Hardening Checklist, which help to ensure the security of your systems.
  6. Scalability: Oracle Enterprise Linux is designed to be highly scalable, with features such as the ability to easily add and manage multiple nodes in a cluster, which makes it well-suited for large enterprise environments.
  7. Cost-effective: Oracle Enterprise Linux is available at no cost, making it a cost-effective solution for enterprise environments. This, combined with its stability, reliability, and performance, makes it an attractive option for organizations that are looking to reduce their IT costs.

Its scalability, security features, and cost-effectiveness make it a great choice for organizations looking to deploy and manage Linux in their enterprise environments.

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