Shell Script to Check Status, Start and Stop Docker Services on a Linux Server

Scenario: I was managing docker services so every time , I have start stop services I need to do that ,manually. So I thought to write a shell script to do that for me easily.

I had created a menu based script .


#Terminal Prompt
PS3="Enter the option number:"
# Menu options
options=("Check running Docker services" "Stop a Docker service" "Start a Docker service" "Quit")

# Function to check running Docker services
check_services() {
  docker ps

# Function to stop a Docker service
stop_service() {
  docker ps
  read -p "Enter the ID or name of the service to stop: " service_id
  docker stop $service_id

# Function to start a Docker service
start_service() {
  docker ps -a
  read -p "Enter the ID or name of the service to start: " service_id
  docker start $service_id

# Loop through menu options until user quits
while true; do
echo "~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"
echo "~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ F U N O R A C L E A P P S ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"
  echo "Select an option:"
  select option in "${options[@]}"; do
    case $option in
      "Check running Docker services")
      "Stop a Docker service")
      "Start a Docker service")
        exit 0
      *) echo "Invalid option. Please select a valid option.";;


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ F U N O R A C L E A P P S ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Select an option:
1) Check running Docker services  3) Start a Docker service
2) Stop a Docker service          4) Quit
Enter the option number:

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