Cancel and Launch Cost Manager in EBS R12

Cancel Cost Manager

1) To cancel the Cost Manager : use one of the following method:

a) use 'System Administrator' responsibility
       Navigate to Concurrent/Request/view
       Set : specific Request=on
       Name=Cost Manager.

In the lower part of the Find requests window there is a field "Select the Number of Days to view" set by default to 7 days.
-> Set "Select the Number of Days to view"=999
In fact this field is a filter which limits how far back it will query requests.

From here Cancel the Cost Manager which is Pending Scheduled.


b) Use the following SQL script:

SELECT request_id Request_ID,
request_date RequestDt, concurrent_program_name,
phase_code Phase,
status_code Status FROM
fnd_concurrent_requests fcr,
fnd_concurrent_programs fcp
WHERE fcp.application_id = 702 AND
fcp.concurrent_program_name in ('CMCTCM', 'CMCMCW', 'CMCACW', 'CMCLCW', 'CMCCTW') AND
fcr.concurrent_program_id = fcp.concurrent_program_id AND
fcr.program_application_id = 702 AND fcr.phase_code <> 'C';

Cancel all the requests from the above output by navigating to, System Administrator> Concurrent> Request.  Query for the Request_ids returned from the above query.

 Restart Cost Manager

   Go to Responsibility >   Inventory> Setup : Transactions> Interface Managers
     Select  'Cost Manager' - choose Tools > Launch Manager

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