Deploy a Solaris VM on OCI Cloud

Solaris is an operating system developed by Oracle Corporation, and it can be run on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).
In this post, I am sharing how to deploy a Solaris VM on Oracle Cloud OCI.

Pre-requisites: You should be having oracle Cloud Account.

1) Go to Market Place and search for Solaris

2) Click and select the compartment where it needs to be deployed.

3) Click on Launch Instance.

4) We will be directed to page for providing details for the machine shape, storage,OS etc. Please choose the values as required. Below screenshots refer to values provided by me in Demo.

Provide required SSH keys

Once all values are entered, then Click on Create.

5) Once an instance has reached the running state, ssh to the opc user on the instance using the ssh key you provided or generated when launching the instance.

6)  Connect to Server using SSH tools and validate.

root@solarisvm:~# cat /etc/os-release 
NAME="Oracle Solaris"
PRETTY_NAME="Oracle Solaris 11.4"
VARIANT="Support Update"

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