Javacache.log Flooded With Java.lang.OutOfMemoryError Error Messages

In EBS 12.1.3 environment, a file Javacache.log growing rapidly around 100GB and consuming most  space on mount. The log file was filled with "Java.lang.OutOfMemoryError Error Messages" . The issue is caused by JVM debug log level was not be set.


The processes when verified was used by the OPP manager process. 

fuser javacache.log 

To fix the issue--> Restart the OPP Output Post Processor manager 

Other Solution

1) Take backup of

2) Add below parameter in below files.

IASCACHELOGLEVEL=0   >> Value is Zero.


[applmgr@appsenv config]$ diff oc4j.properties_1303470_bkp
> #Parameter for JavaCachelog_TKT_1303470

If autoconfig runs, it overwrite the file and value will be diminish. Hence we changed in template file which associated with the autoconfig generated file

To review which configuration file changed as part of next  autoconfig run. Please use below command. It will generate a HTML file and review it. It shows which files will be overwrite in next autoconfig run. contextfile=<CONTEXT_FILE>

Reviewed generated HTML file and found template file oc4j_properties_1013.tmp associated with file. Hence we modified in template file. So next autoconfig run wouldn't diminish the value.


[appdi@uauauacustom]$ cp oc4j_properties_1013.tmp oc4j_properties_1013.tmp_1303470

Add below parameter in template file.

IASCACHELOGLEVEL=0   >>Value is Zero.

[appsenv@appsenv]$ diff oc4j_properties_1013.tmp oc4j_properties_1013.tmp_1303470
< ##Parameter for JavaCachelog_TKT_1303470
3) Take backup of javacache.log file and nullified it.
4) Bounce OPMN Services.

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