Use WLST to Validate and check Status of the Weblogic and Managed Server

In this post, I am going to share how can we use WLST(Weblogic Scripting Tool) to validate and check status of admin and managed servers.

Location of Script:



[applmgr@ebstraining bin]$ ls -ltr
-rwxr-x---. 1 applmgr oinstall 787 May  9 03:25

Connecting to WLST

When we kick off the script it will connect in offline mode. We will need to connect to the Weblogic server.

[applmgr@ebstraining bin]$ ./

Initializing WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST) ...

Welcome to WebLogic Server Administration Scripting Shell

Type help() for help on available commands


Connecting to Online Weblogic server

connect('Username','Password','Admin console Url')

wls:/offline> connect ('weblogic','oracle123','t3://ebstraining.lab:7011')
Connecting to t3://ebstraining.lab:7011 with userid weblogic ...
Successfully connected to Admin Server 'AdminServer' that belongs to domain 'EBS_domain_TRAIN'.

Warning: An insecure protocol was used to connect to the 
server. To ensure on-the-wire security, the SSL port or 
Admin port should be used instead.


Check Admin and Managed Server in Domain


wls:/EBS_domain_TRAIN/serverConfig> SER=ls('Servers',returnMap='true')

dr--   AdminServer
dr--   forms-c4ws_server1
dr--   forms_server1
dr--   oacore_server1
dr--   oafm_server1

Validate the Status of Admin and Managed Server in Domain

wls:/EBS_domain_TRAIN/serverConfig> SER 

[AdminServer, forms-c4ws_server1, forms_server1, oacore_server1, oafm_server1]

wls:/EBS_domain_TRAIN/serverConfig> for i in SER: state(i,'Server')

Current state of 'AdminServer' : RUNNING
Current state of 'forms-c4ws_server1' : RUNNING
Current state of 'forms_server1' : RUNNING
Current state of 'oacore_server1' : RUNNING
Current state of 'oafm_server1' : RUNNING

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