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Not able to view Responsibilities assigned to Users in Oracle Application

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If the responsibilities assigned to user in Oracle Application is not appearing then we need new need to follow below steps.

1 .Login as System Administrator

2. Submit Concurrent Program ""Workflow Directory Services User/Role Validation'

Parameters to be passed
Batch Size - 10000(default value)
Username for the user having issue- HSINGH
Check_Dangling - Yes (Default value No)
Add missing user/role assignments - Yes (Default Value No)
Update WHO columns in WF tables - No (Default Value No)

This request would check all users and assigned responsibilities and will sync up users with attached responsibilities .
Users should be able to view assigned responsibilty once the program is completed succesfully.

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Clearing Middle Tier cache in Oracle Apps R12

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For clearing cache in Apps R12 we can follow the below navigation steps.

  • Go to Functional Administrator Responsibility.
  • Click\Select Core Services Tab.
  • Click\Select Caching Framework Tab.
  • On Caching framework page click on Global configuration on left side pane.
  • In Cache policy click on "Clear ALL Cache" Button.
  • Click on Apply.

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AOLJ test can be executed when we need to determine the if the webserver is configure properly or not. It also verifies DBC file.

You need to pass few parameter as below to perform the test.
1.Apps Schema Name
2.Apps Schema Password
3.Oracle SID - Database Oracle SID
4.HostName - Database hostname
5.PortNo - Database Port No



If https is configured then you need to use https instead of http.



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Enable Diagnostics in Oracle Apps

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The below steps can be followed for enabling diagnostics at user level.

1. Navigate to System Administrator responsibility> Profile> System>

2. Enter profile name: Utilities:Diagnostics .
    Enter Application User for whom you want to enable Diagnostics.
Enter value Yes at User level and Save the Changes . You can set yes at site level for all application users.

3. Navigate to System Administrator responsibility> Profile> System>
Enter profile name: Hide Diagnostics menu entry.
Enter Application User for whom you do not want to hide Diagnostics menu entry .
Enter value No at User level and Save the Changes .

4. Logout from Oracle Application and login again.Diagnostic would be enabled.

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