In this post and coming posts we would be learning how to install Oracle Apps R12.2 on Oracle Linux OEL 6.4 using  Oracle Virtual Box.

Hardware Requirements:
This installation demo is done on my laptop with below required configuration for Oracle Apps 12.2:
I will be using Linux (OEL) to do this installation.It can be installed on Windows as well but it is rarely used. All the guidelines will be related to linux platforms.
  • 300 GB Hard Disk : We will use 60 GB for creating stage area and  240 GB for application file system and other file system.
  • 10 GB of Mermory/RAM.
  • 20 GB Swap area required.
  • 4gb /tmp space required.
  • 64 bit architecture. EBS R12.2 don't support 32 bit architecture platforms.  
Apart from above we will need a good internet connection to download the required software and other needs.

Software Requirement:
  • Download latest Oracle Virtual Box software.
  • Download OEL 6.4 from Oracle E-Delivery site. In this tutorial I am using 6.4 version but we can use other recommended version.I feel 6.4 to quite stable version.
  • Downlaod EBS R12.2 from Oracle E-Delivery site.
Note: I cannot share link to other external sites on my blog. But you can comment below get more details on which file to download and other info.

Action Plan:
In coming chapters for installation we will be discussing more on each action plan in details.