Oracle has released E-Business Suite R12.2 in September 2013. R12.2 has come with lot of technologies changes when compared to its previous version(11i/R12).

Below are the few new introduction which can be find in R12.2

  • Fusion Middleware Component (Weblogic) is used in place of traditional Oracle Application Server.
  • ADOP (Application DBA Online Patching) gives us the flexibility to applying the application patches with no/or minimum downtime without affecting the business.
  • Dual File system has been been introduced.
  • Edition Based Redefinition (EBR) is being used which helps with keeping various editions of the same objects in database.(of course with few limitations)
The following diagrams gives the overview of the new architecture.

The minimum database version that is supported in R12.2 is But I would recommend to go with which is more stable and most of the bugs are fixed related to 12.2.

So in R12 we have actually three files systems FS1, FS2 and FS_NE.
1. Filesystem1(FS1)- This contains  APPL_TOP,COMMON_TOP and INST_TOP.
2. Filesystem2(FS2)- This also contains  APPL_TOP,COMMON_TOP and INST_TOP.

FS1 and FS2 are in sync and is also known as RUN/PATCH file system.

3. Filesystem Non Editioned (FS_NE)- This file system contains the common files which are required for a application. It will contains files like Concurrent logs($APPLCSF), PATCH_TOP(stores application patches here  and are applied from this location.)

More detailed information on all above will be posted in upcoming posts.