RAC setup can be tricky sometimes, In this article and upcoming articles, we are going to discuss the steps to setup up RAC 12c two node in the simple and easy way.

In this article, I will gather the high-level steps that would be required for RAC setup.

High Level Design:

IP's that I would be using:

#Public IP for 2 nodes#   racnode1   racnode2 
#Private IP for 2 nodes#      racnode1-priv      racnode2-priv
#Virtual IP for 2 nodes#   racnode1-vip   racnode2-vip
#SCAN IP #   racdb-scan   racdb-scan   racdb-scan


1. Create a DNS server.(Check the post on how to configure it).

2. Create a Virtual Machine Racnode1 

The configuration of RAC Node 1
  • Hard Disk: 60GB
  • Ram: 4 GB
  • OS: Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.4
  • 2 network adapter eth1 and eth2 for Public and Private IP's.
  • Make the IP's Static
  • Install required RPM's or Oracle 12c
  • Create Users and Groups. We will use a separate user for GRID and ORACLE. 

3. Clone Racnode1 to prepare a new machine Racnode2.

The configuration of RAC Node 2.
  • All configuration as racnode1 will be preserved.
  • Change IP address for eth1 and eth2.
  • Change hostname to Racnode2

4. Configure ASM libraries and Disks.

5. Install and Configure Cluster on Racnode1 and it will remotely configure Racnode2.

6. Install Database Oracle Software

7. Create a Database using dbca.