In this post, we will be creating our first virtual machine which will be used as our RAC node1.


Make sure you have virtual box installed. (Please see Installing Oracle Virtual Box).
DNS server has been set up.(Please see  Create a DNS server)

RAC Node 1 Setup and Configuration

Create new Machine In Virtual Box with settings as below:

RAM: 4G or above
3 Network adapters: 1 Bridged and 2 Host Only Adapters
HardDisk: 50 GB

Start Installation now for Oracle Linux

  • Give Host Name as racnode1

Create Custom Layout/swap--> 4Gb/tmp-->4Gb/boot-->500MB/-->Remaining Space

First time setup needs to be done as below. We are not setting up automatic updates. Also I will skip user creation as I will be creating them later on .Once setup is complete login to system using root and verify.   





Installing Guest Addition and update our system. These are optional steps which I am performing to make the navigation from host easy and system stability.

Click on Devices and Select Insert Guest Additions CD.



Click Ok and it will open terminal and run Guest Additions.



Once Completed hit enter and restart the system.

Setup Network IP's that will be used for RAC

I am using eth1 and eth2 as my host only adapters that will be used for Public and Private Ip's
eth0 I am using as the bridged adapter to access the internet. I will set up static IP for eth1 and eth2

#Public IP eth1 #   racnode1 
#Private IP eth2#      racnode1-priv
Open node1 server and launch network connection utility.

select eth1 and edit

Check Connect Automatically Tab

Select IPv4 setting as Manual and enter the IP then click apply.

Select eth2 and edit

Check Connect Automatically

Make IPv4 settings to manual and enter Private IP.

Click Apply.
DNS Config
Now let's configure the system so that it will go to our DNS server that we created earlier.
Make sure DNS server is up and running.

Login to DNS server and go to /var/named and put IP entries in zone file for our RAC Ip's.

Restart DNS service 
service named restart

Login to RACNode1 and edit /etc/resolv.conf. It should have below entiries

cat /etc/resolv.conf
# Generated by NetworkManager
search himvirtualdns.lab

Permission change
chattr +i resolv.conf

Now run nslookup from racnode1 to verify it is routing to DNS server.

[oracle@racnode1 bin]$ nslookup racnode1



Name: racnode1.himvirtualdns.lab

In next post, we would be discussing about installing related rpms on racnode1 and user/group creation.