Till now in our previous post, we fully configured racnode1. In this post, we will prepare our machine 2 and use it as racnode2.

Shutdown the racnode1 machine and clone

Click on Clone and it will take 20-30 mins to Complete.


  • Restart the VM
  • Then Change the Network Configuration, in VM Settings(2 host only adapter) as we did during our racnode1 setup to change the Public and Private IP from network management.
#Public IP eth1 #   racnode2
#Private IP eth2#      racnode2-priv
  • Start both the VM and check if you can PING the Public and Private IP from both the nodes.
  • Run nslookup to make the sure connection are going fine to DNS server from both nodes.
Change bash_profile for grid user and make Oracle sid as +ASM2.