Hello and welcome to the Oracle DataGaurd Tutorial Series of post. In these post I would be sharing the guide to start understanding and working on data gaurd.

You should be having some prior knowledge on 

a) Oracle Database administration Basics
b) Basic of Linux Command
c) Have knowledge of working on virtual box and setting up server.

I will be covering topics related to below in this series.

1) Introduction to Oracle DataGaurd- Understanding the concepts.
2) Create and Manage Physical and Logical Standby database.
3) Understanding and Configuring Data Gaurd Broker and using it to monitor Data Gaurd.
4) How to do role transition (Switch Over and Failover)
5) How to setup Fast-Start Failover(FSFO)
6) How to setup Active Data Gaurd
7) How to setup Snapshot Standy Database
8) Implement Client Failover
9) How to Use RMAN for datagaurd environments

I would be using Oracle Virtual Box to setup the Oracle Data Gaurd Environment.

Environment Requirement

1. Virtual Box software latest version
2. Database software 12cR1(
3. Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.4 64 bit
4  Putty or ssh terminal(In case of Linux)
5. Using the above , I have setup two Machines on virtual box.(How to create Virtual Machine and Install Oracle database). I would not separately mention, how to install oracle database as part of this series. I would assume you would have already completed that. In case of any issue, Please mention in comment section.