In this post I am going to share how to install Oracle EBS R12.2 on multiple nodes. Which means Database on one server and Application on one server.

I am using Oracle Virtual Box and configured 2 servers, one for Database and one for Application.

Virtual Server/Machine Details

Database Node
Memory: 6 GB
Harddisk: 200 GB
Hostname: fundb.lab
OSuser: oracle
Stage Area has been created separately on nodes and is non shared

Application Node

Memory: 7 GB

Harddisk: 270 GB
Hostname: funapp.lab
OSuser: applmgr
Stage Area has been created separately on nodes and is non shared

 Please perform all the pre-reqs on both nodes as described in earlier post.

1) user creation
2) rpm installation and limits configuration
3) oraInst.loc

Refer for steps by step pre-installation method setup.

Also make sure hostname are pingable from each other. This can be achieved by putting the entries in /etc/hosts file.

Once both the servers are ready to installation. Please follow below steps

1) Kick-off rapidwiz on Database node first. We need to give all information for our db node and apps node. Once the installation on DB node completes, our database and listener would be ready.

2) There would be a configuration file created on DB node ($ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/conf_.txt). Please copy it to application node as it would be needed during installation. 

3) Now we need to kickoff rapidwiz on application node.

Please provide the path of configuration file copied in step 2.

This completes our installation of EBS on 2 nodes.