How to Manually Deploy the OEM agent on Server EMCLI


The Registration password should be created or enabled.

Please refer below link on Registration_password.


OEM agent Manual deployment steps:


The Enterprise Manager Command Line Interface (EM CLI) enables users to access Enterprise Manager functionality through a command-line interface or scripts. It is accessible through classic programming language constructs, enabling tasks to be created and run either from the command-line or programmatically. EM CLI enables you to access Enterprise Manager Cloud Control functionality from text-based consoles (shells and command-line windows). EM CLI provides two installable kits - EM CLI Standard and EM CLI with Scripting mode. Both can be installed on any system within your managed network.

We have to setup EMCLI first. The steps can also be seen from EM console.


From EM console





Brief About the Environment I am using


OMS Server: omsserver.lab

OS: OEL 6.3


Target Server for Agent: funoel8.lab

OS: OEL 8.3



On the OMS server omsserver


Oracle is the user from where OMS us running


su – oracle


export JAVA_HOME=/u01/oracle/12.1.0/middleware/jdk16/jdk


Install emcli

oracle@omsserver: [/u01/oracle/12.1.0]

$ find ./ -name "emcli*.jar"


Copy the emcliadvancedkit.jar to install_dir(/u01/oracle/12.1.0/gc_inst/em/EMGC_OMS1/sysman/emcli/setup)

 $JAVA_HOME/bin/java -jar emcliadvancedkit.jar  client -install_dir=/u01/oracle/12.1.0/gc_inst/em/EMGC_OMS1/sysman/emcli/setup


Configure EMCLI to OEM


[oracle@host emcli]$ ./emcli setup -url=https://omsserver.lab:7802/em -username=sysman –trustall


oracle@omsserver: [/u01/oracle/12.1.0/gc_inst/em/EMGC_OMS1/sysman/emcli/setup]

$ ./emcli sync

Synchronized successfully

Check supported platforms and agent version

oracle@omsserver: [/u01/oracle/12.1.0/gc_inst/em/EMGC_OMS1/sysman/emcli/setup]

$ ./emcli get_supported_platforms


Version =

 Platform = Linux x86-64


Version =

 Platform = HP-UX Itanium


Download agent image in an empty directory


oracle@omsserver: [/u01/oracle/12.1.0/gc_inst/em/EMGC_OMS1/sysman/emcli/setup]

$ ./emcli get_agentimage -destination=/oracle/stage/HS/OEM_Agent12.1.0.5 -platform="Linux x86-64" -version=

 === Partition Detail ===

Space free : 210 GB

Space required : 1 GB

Check the logs at /home/oracle/.emcli/get_agentimage_2021-05-07_10-28-41-AM.log

Downloading /oracle/stage/HS/OEM_Agent12.1.0.5/

File saved as /oracle/stage/HS/OEM_Agent12.1.0.5/

Downloading /oracle/stage/HS/OEM_Agent12.1.0.5/

File saved as /oracle/stage/HS/OEM_Agent12.1.0.5/

Downloading /oracle/stage/HS/OEM_Agent12.1.0.5/unzip

File saved as /oracle/stage/HS/OEM_Agent12.1.0.5/unzip

Agent Image Download completed successfully.


Copy the agent image to funoel8 server.

Make a directory structure

oraoem is the user from which my agent will run.

su – oraoem

mkdir –p /oem/oracle/agent12c/agent_inst   /oem/oracle/OEM_Agent12.1.0.5

Copy the agent image zip file to /oem/oracle/OEM_Agent12.1.0.5/ and unzip.


[oraoem@funoel8 OEM_Agent12.1.0.5]$ unzip


  inflating: unzip



  inflating: agent.rsp




Edit the agent.rsp  response file and add below entries.




AGENT_REGISTRATION_PASSWORD=oraoem   --> This was already mentioned in Pre-Requisites








Make sure java and all pre-reqs are installed. As this is OEL 8 system I used below command to install pre-reqs related to Oracle.


yum install -y oracle-database-preinstall-19c

yum install java -y


Make sure the inventory directory is created and has correct permission.


cat /etc/oraInst.loc




chmod oraoem:dba /etc/oraInventory

Install the OEM agent now

[oraoem@funoel8 OEM_Agent12.1.0.5]$ ./ AGENT_BASE_DIR=/oem/oracle/agent12c RESPONSE_FILE=/oem/oracle/OEM_Agent12.1.0.5/agent.rsp INVENTORY_LOCATION=/etc/oraInventory


Validating the OMS_HOST & EM_UPLOAD_PORT

Executing command : /oem/oracle/agent12c/core/ -classpath /oem/oracle/agent12c/core/ oracle.sysman.agent.installer.AgentInstaller /oem/oracle/agent12c/core/ /oem/oracle/OEM_Agent12.1.0.5 /oem/oracle/agent12c AGENT_BASE_DIR=/oem/oracle/agent12c RESPONSE_FILE=/oem/oracle/OEM_Agent12.1.0.5/agent.rsp INVENTORY_LOCATION=/etc/oraInventory -prereq


Validating oms host & port with url: http://omsserver.lab:4903/empbs/genwallet

Validating oms host & port with url: https://omsserver.lab:4903/empbs/genwallet

Return status:3-oms https port is passed

Unzipping the to /oem/oracle/agent12c ....

Executing command : /oem/oracle/OEM_Agent12.1.0.5/unzip -o /oem/oracle/OEM_Agent12.1.0.5/ -d /oem/oracle/agent12c

Successfully unzipped /oem/oracle/OEM_Agent12.1.0.5/ to /oem/oracle/agent12c !

Executing command : /oem/oracle/agent12c/core/ -classpath /oem/oracle/agent12c/core/ oracle.sysman.agent.installer.AgentInstaller /oem/oracle/agent12c/core/ /oem/oracle/OEM_Agent12.1.0.5 /oem/oracle/agent12c /oem/oracle/agent12c/agent_inst AGENT_BASE_DIR=/oem/oracle/agent12c



Executing agent install prereqs...

Executing command: /oem/oracle/agent12c/core/ -debug -ignoreSysPrereqs   -prereqchecker -silent -ignoreSysPrereqs -waitForCompletion  -prereqlogloc /oem/oracle/agent12c/core/ -entryPoint -detailedExitCodes PREREQ_CONFIG_LOCATION=/oem/oracle/agent12c/core/  -J-DORACLE_HOSTNAME=funoel8.lab INVENTORY_LOCATION=/etc/oraInventory -J-DAGENT_PORT=3872 -J-DAGENT_BASE_DIR=/oem/oracle/agent12c


Agent install prereqs completed successfully


Cloning the agent home...

Executing command: /oem/oracle/agent12c/core/ -debug -ignoreSysPrereqs   -clone -forceClone -silent -waitForCompletion -nowait ORACLE_HOME=/oem/oracle/agent12c/core/ -responseFile /oem/oracle/OEM_Agent12.1.0.5/agent.rsp  AGENT_BASE_DIR=/oem/oracle/agent12c AGENT_BASE_DIR=/oem/oracle/agent12c RESPONSE_FILE=/oem/oracle/OEM_Agent12.1.0.5/agent.rsp INVENTORY_LOCATION=/etc/oraInventory -noconfig  ORACLE_HOME_NAME=agent12gR1 INVENTORY_LOCATION=/etc/oraInventory -force b_noUpgrade=true EMCTLCFG_MODE=NONE


Cloning of agent home completed successfully


Attaching sbin home...

Executing command: /oem/oracle/agent12c/core/ -debug -ignoreSysPrereqs   -attachHome -waitForCompletion -nowait ORACLE_HOME=/oem/oracle/agent12c/sbin ORACLE_HOME_NAME=sbin12c1 INVENTORY_LOCATION=/etc/oraInventory -force


Attach home for sbin home completed successfully.


Updating home dependencies...

Executing command: /oem/oracle/agent12c/core/ -debug -ignoreSysPrereqs   -updateHomeDeps -waitForCompletion HOME_DEPENDENCY_LIST={/oem/oracle/agent12c/sbin:/oem/oracle/agent12c/core/} -invPtrLoc /oem/oracle/agent12c/core/ -force


Update home dependency completed successfully.

Executing command: /oem/oracle/agent12c/core/ ORACLE_HOME=/oem/oracle/agent12c/core/ RESPONSE_FILE=/oem/oracle/agent12c/core/ ACTION=configure MODE=perform COMPONENT_XML={} RERUN=true

Agent Configuration completed successfully


The following configuration scripts need to be executed as the "root" user.


#Root script to run


To execute the configuration scripts:

1. Open a terminal window

2. Log in as "root"

3. Run the scripts

Agent Deployment Successful.

Agent deployment log location: /oem/oracle/agent12c/core/

Agent deployment completed successfully.


From root user execute


[root@funoel8 log]# /oem/oracle/agent12c/core/

Finished product-specific root actions.

/etc exist


Creating /etc/oragchomelist file...



Please validate the agent on the target server. It should be up and running.


emctl status agent


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