Registration Passwords are used by the Administrators to secure Oracle Management Agents against any OMS that uses this repository. Registration Passwords can be either Persistent or One-time. Persistent Registration Passwords can be used to register multiple agents whereas One-time passwords can only be used once after which they are deleted automatically from the repository. When defining any Registration Password, it is required to specify an expiry date after which the Registration Password will be invalidated.


Setup –> security –> registration passwords –> create
Fulfill the areas, and then the password has created.

  • Persistent or One-time: ‘Persistent’ can be used for multiple agents. ‘One-time’ will be deleted once an agent uses it for registration.
  • The expiry date for the password can be provided to make sure it is not open every time.

We can also set the registration password from the command line.

Go to the OMS server.

cd /bin
emctl secure setpwd [sysman pwd] [new registration pwd]
  • The password is ‘Persistent’ with ‘No Expire Date’.
  • There is no option to edit/delete the registration password from the command line, use the Cloud Console UI for these activities.

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