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We are getting an error when trying to review report output in XML type text/XML



The XML page cannot be displayed
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An invalid character was found in text content. Error processing resource


Wrong setup for profile options "FND: NATIVE CLIENT ENCODING" which need to be set to "UTF8"

Check that setup is correct for this profile option at every level and not only at site level, because other level are overwriting Site level.


Run the following sqlplus statement from sqlplus as the apps user to check that the profile is set as UTF8 at all levels:

    SELECT   po.user_profile_option_name, po.profile_option_name "NAME"
               , DECODE (TO_CHAR (pov.level_id), '10001', 'SITE'
             , '10002', 'APP', '10003', 'RESP', '10004', 'USER', '???') "LEV"
               , DECODE (TO_CHAR (pov.level_id)
               , '10001', '', '10002', app.application_short_name
               , '10003', rsp.responsibility_key, '10004', usr.user_name, '???')
               , pov.profile_option_value "VALUE"
            FROM fnd_profile_options_vl po, fnd_profile_option_values pov
               , fnd_user usr, fnd_application app, fnd_responsibility rsp
           WHERE (po.profile_option_name = 'FND_NATIVE_CLIENT_ENCODING')
             AND pov.application_id = po.application_id AND pov.profile_option_id =
             AND usr.user_id(+) = pov.level_value AND rsp.application_id(+) =
             AND rsp.responsibility_id(+) = pov.level_value AND app.application_id(+)
     = pov.level_value
        ORDER BY "NAME", pov.level_id, "VALUE";

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