Create a new Compute VM on Oracle Cloud from Virtual Box

Now Once the integration is completed we will see what happens and how the VM can be created on Oracle Cloud now.

Lets see My OCI Bucket has no object Right now

Now Lets also validate we have no new Compute Instance in OCI before we are going to perform this activity.

Lets Open the Virtual Box in our local system which was integrated with Oracle Cloud.

Go to File> New Cloud VM

Once We launch it we will see different Images Available for OS. I will select Oracle Linux 7.9.

Click Next

Fill/Select Properties as Required. I will select Public Subnet.

Click Next  and Go to OCI to see new provisioned VM.

Now we can see a new VM running on OCI which was created from Oracle Virtual Box.

Let's try to connect. When we create Cloud VM from OCI console, we give OCI key  pair, but here we have not done it. So Now how to connect..

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