Caused by: In Workflow EBS


When sending mails from SMTP it is not going to users

Below error was seeing where wrong hostname was being picked.

Caused by:$FormatterSAXException: Problem obtaining the HTML content -> Unable to invoke method HTTPClient.HTTPConnection.Get caused by:<Wrong Host Name>


1) Stop Workflow Services

2) Connect sqlplus and run below

 sqlplus apps/<psswd>

set linesize 155;
set pagesize 200;
set verify off;
col Profile format a20;
col Level format a14;
col Value format a10;
col App format a3;
col Responsibility format a30;
col USER format a8;
col UPDATED_BY format a8;
select fpo.profile_option_name Profile,
fpov.profile_option_value Value,
decode(fpov.level_id, 10001,'Site',
fa.application_short_name App,
fr.responsibility_name Responsibility,
fu.user_name "USER"
from fnd_profile_option_values fpov,
fnd_profile_options fpo,
fnd_application fa,
fnd_responsibility_vl fr,
fnd_user fu,
fnd_logins fl
where fpo.profile_option_id=fpov.profile_option_id
and fa.application_id(+)=fpov.level_value
and fr.application_id(+)=fpov.level_value_application_id
and fr.responsibility_id(+)=fpov.level_value
and fu.user_id(+)=fpov.level_value
and fl.login_id(+) = fpov.LAST_UPDATE_LOGIN
and fpo.profile_option_name in
order by 1,3;

Make sure it reflects the correct Physical Hostnames.

If any value is wrong update from Sysadmin > Profile System Option > Query "WF%Agent%

- Set the WF: Mailer Web Agent Profile Option to the URL of the Physical Hostname

Ex: http://<hostname>.<>:#####

3) Start Workflow Services.

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