MWA is known as mobile web application. It is used by the some hand held devices to use the Oracle Application.
Example: Through the mobile applications the PO orders are managed.

Check the services running by
ps -ef |grep mwa
./ $INST_TOP/admin/scripts/ status

There must be a port number associated to the mwa services.

Starting MWA services
./ $INST_TOP/admin/scripts/ start

Starting Dispatcher Services 

nohup start_dispatcher &

Stopping the MWA services
./ $INST_TOP/admin/scripts/ stop

Stopping Dispatcher Services 
cd $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME stop_dispatcher

If it takes time to stop the services then we need to kill the services manually.

ps -ef|grep mwa| xargs kill -9


kill -9 `ps -ef|grep mwa'

Validating the MWA services
Steps for Validation

1. Check for the services running through

ps -ef|grep mwa

2. Open command prompt and try or even use putty

telnet servername.domainname 10210

Here 10210 is the port no. on which the MWA services are running.

It should open up small screen with various option. Login with SYSADMIN user as  in R12 or 11i.